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Global retailing ecommerce reached 2.842 trillion USD in 2018, a year-on-year rise of 23.4%, it is expected the number will break the threshold of 3 trillion USD in 2019; global retailing e-commerce in 2018 is accounting for 11.9% of global retailing total, an increase of 16.7% over 2017. Global online shopping customers will hit 1.9 billion in 2019, online shopping will gain more traction across the world. New techniques disrupted retailing landscape, AI and VR/AR give rise to smart retailing, widespread use of mobile social devices bring about booming of social e-commerce; short video, online celebrity broadcasting and other innovative means gather momentum for retailing. Under the background of new retailing, social e-commerce, brands ecommerce unit and retailers are striving to achieve closed loop of multi-channel, evolve gradually from pure e-commerce channel, online/offline integration to customer-oriented multi-channel operation, fully exploit consumer activities under various scenarios by big data, achieve full link sales through whole life cycle.

In terms of cross border-e-commerce, China cross border e-commerce keeps expanding thanks to globalization tendency, consumption upgrading and Law of E-commerce and other policy incentives. Under the background of One Belt One Road Initiative, mainstream Made-in-China products highlighted in cross border–e-commerce continue to enjoy relative advantages globally and found popularity by overseas customers. For import e-commerce, overseas quality goods, by virtue of branding influence and superior quality, are making inroads into Chinese market through e-commerce. With the advent of 5G era, AI, big data, IOT, VR/AR, smart retailing as well as other new techniques and business modes look set to find more application scenarios in cross border-ecommerce. However, with ever more fierce competition among similar SKUs and increasingly expensive quality trafficking, how to provide differentiated products to consumers with diversified cultural and economic background, and gain a strong footing in the race become the topic of common concern for players in cross border e-commerce arena.

Under this background, the 5th Global Retailing e-Commerce Conference & Exhibition 2019 & 10th China Cross-border e-Commerce Conference & Exhibition 2019 is to be held in Shanghai on November 8, 2019. This event will gather more than 500 delegates from over 20 countries and regions around the globe, they are from global renowned brand owners, e-retailers, cross border e-commerce, social commerce, internet DTC brands, and retailing innovative start-ups featuring smart and new retailing and VR retailing, and from payment, logistics, digital marketing, short video and etc., covering the whole industrial chain. During the event, we

will offer exhibitors and sponsors 1+1 discussion opportunities, provide good opportunities to display brands and conduct cooperation for various firms in the form of a mini-exhibition. Through this event, you can gain deep insight into global retailing e-commerce and Chinese cross border e-commerce market, acquire relevant polices and latest information, install your company in a pole position ahead of your peers!

Conference Highlights
  • 1
    500+ High Level Participants
  • 2
    100+ Foreign Delegates
  • 3
    100+ Brands Ecommerce Unit / E-Retailers
  • 4
    80+ Cross-Border Ecommerce Players
  • 5
    50+ Internet Born Direct to Customer Brands / Independent Foreign Trade Websites
  • 6
    30+ Social Commerce Platforms
  • 7
    25+ World-Renowned Experts and Industry Leaders as Speakers
  • 8
    20+ Ecommerce Service Companies
  • 9
    15+ Key Countries Coverage
  • General Manager, Greater China Sales
  • CSO
  • Strategic Consultant, ISV Partnership Greater China
  • Head of China Division
  • Ex-Inspector of Department of Electronic Commerce and Informatization
    Ministry of Commerce
  • VP of Data Research Institute
  • VP, Head of Partnerships APAC
  • ​Commercial GM of Intelligent Retail
  • Head of Taobao Live Broadcasting
    Alibaba Group
  • As Russia's largest search engine company, we attend the summit and made a keynote speech,it has achieves good response, thanks to the organizers to provide us the platform!
    ---Co-Founder, Yandex
  • Very glad to join the summit, which provided us with a window to understand the Chinese market and laid the foundation for our future market entry in China.
    ---CEO, Fact-Finder
  • It is a great honor to be invited to this summit, this event have contribute a lot for the development of sino-russia cross-border eCommerce. Thanks to the organizer .
  • You did a good job, I have attended various eCommerce summit across the globe,this event is definitely one of the most successful event ever. See you next year!
    ---Chairman ,CBEC
  • You have exceeded our expectation, not only from the quality of the attendees ,but also the on-site service , you did a good job.
    ---Lead Cloud Architect, Rackspace
  • Very successful, you create a very good international communication platform for us, met a lot of new friends.
    ---Vice President,
  • To attend this summit is well worth it, the speakers are well choosed and the presentation is very practical, thank the organizer.
    ---GM, Nutraceutical
  • We came from the Netherlands to the E-Commerce summit held in China, we met a lot of potential Chinese partners, Great event!
    ---Chief Commercial Officer,Holland at Home B.V.
  • 5 people from our company attended the conference, the trip to China make a great foundation for our future cross-border E-commerce business in China, thank you!
    ---Executive director , SK Planet
  • It is one of the highest level international summit we attended, look forward to your next year's event!
    ---COO, Lengow
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